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What is a meat box?

A meat box is a selection of meat often supplied by a local butcher ideal for special occasions, for example, BBQs, family celebrations and the festive season or simply to stock your freezer in a cost-effective way. Meat boxes are ideal if you are looking to cater for a number of people with different preferences as they offer such a wide selection of different meats.

Meat butchers such as Owton’s offer meat selection boxes suited to your preferences, whether you are looking for burgers, steaks, bacon, chicken or pork. Our wide range of meat boxes offers the perfect opportunity to encourage you to try something new or stick to a familiar favourite. 

Meat boxes are an excellent value for money offering your guests a wide selection of choice. Whether you are looking to refill your fridge, up your protein levels, or buy as a gift, meat boxes are ideal for any occasion.

Why you Should Buy a Meat Box

High-Quality Meat

Our meat selection boxes at Owton’s contain a wide selection of high-quality meat provided by our expert butchers. If you are looking to wow your guests, or simply stock the very best meat in your fridge, then meat selection boxes are the perfect solution. Purchasing good quality meat not only tastes delicious, but it also has numerous benefits for your health. 

Saves Time

By buying your meat boxes from Owton’s, you can have your meat delivered straight to your door, saving you time on any last-minute food shopping whilst securing you the very best meat. Our meat selection boxes are delivered ready for the oven, BBQ, fridge or freezer whilst using a reduced amount of packaging making a positive contribution to the environment. 


Our collection of meat boxes at Owton’s are a fantastic money-saving alternative to supermarkets. Whether you are catering for an event or are looking to bulk buy your meat, either is a cost effective option as long as it’s properly stored. 

Bulk buying and freezing your meat is a great way to cut costs whilst ordering large amounts at a time. Our meat selection boxes at Owton’s can be frozen while still tasting just as delicious at a later date.

Owton’s Meat Boxes

Owton’s are experienced in supplying the very best award winning meat selection boxes delivered straight to your door. Our meat boxes are put together by our specialist butchers tailored to any occasion. 

Our range of meat boxes can be suited to any event, whether you are looking for a Christmas meat box, breakfast box, barbecue box, or fitness box, you can be sure to wow your guests with our fantastic selection of meat.   

If you would like help sourcing a meat box for your home, business or event, contact us today and a friendly member of our team will more than happy to help.