It is Owton’s philosophy to create quality products that are the best they can be. Owton’s have worked with our butchers to perfect our own dry cured bacon.

The difference between Owton’s bacon and others found on the market is the length of time the product is cured for.
We have developed a 30 day cure which allows the full bacon flavour to develop. The bacon can become over salty with time but with the addition of sugar to counter balance the salt we are left with a rich flavour. We do not add any water and the finished product hung to dry for a minimum of 24 hours. Once hung the bacon is sliced thickly and packed.

Gill Owton says

“I had vivid memories as a child of watching my father cure bacon and bath chaps for the Butchers Shop that he ran. He took a great deal of trouble over the process and produced an amazing product.

I decided that I would replicate the process here. As with any product you have to start with quality ingredients, add them together in the right way and allow to cure for long enough that theflavours can penetrate and you will be left with a great end result”.

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Owton's at Chalcroft Farm

Set in the heart of West End

Where it all began!

Owton’s at Chalcroft Farm has been Established for over 35 Years, farming our own beef and working with over 20 other farmers in the local area. Our warm friendly and knowledgeable team of butchers offer expert knowledge and cooking advice.

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Owton's at Kimbridge

Set in the heart of Romsey's countryside

Old fashioned shopping experience

Owton’s at Chalcroft Farm have a warm, friendly and knowledgeable team at the farm shop offer expert knowledge and cooking advice. If you have not visited us yet, you certainly are missing out on a good old-fashioned shopping experience and our wonderful range of fresh locally produced foods, wines, gifts and a whole lot more!

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Owton's at Garsons

Titchfield's finest farmshop

Our Farm Shop is packed full of tempting food to buy

The best of speciality food and our extensive range of fine quality meat.The Farm Shop team are passionate about the freshest food and they work closely with artisan and speciality food producers to bring you the best of healthy and delicious food.

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Owton's at Rosebourne

Just outside the market town of Andover

Our latest farmshop

Owton’s at Rosebourne is passionate about showcasing quality, fresh and locally sourced produce. Whether you are looking for the perfect trim of meat for tonight’s family meal or looking to impress with something a little different, our friendly butchers are always happy to offer their top tips and advice.

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Owton's at Country Market

Just outside Bordon

An extensive range of quality local meats, cheeses, cold meats

Owton’s at Country Market, Bordon has an extensive range of quality local meats, cheeses, cold meats and a dedicated counter for Owtons Cook & Serve range which is designed for the customer that want something different but that is already prepared for them.

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Christmas Meat Hampers

Great value to feed your family

Celebrate the festive season and order now!

Spend over £45 on your Christmas order & receive a FREE £5 VOUCHER to spend in January or February 2018

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