It’s always great when someone else thinks your products are as good as you do. Here are just a selection of awards and accreditations that we have received over the years – and each one makes us strive harder to ensure that everything we do throughout the company is of the same high standard that our customers have come to expect.


Owton’s are delighted to announce that one of our famous sausage brands scooped a food oscar at the Great Taste Awards. Our Succulent ‘Corporal Jones’ sausage won One star for wartime recipe Pork Sausages. Obviously we are thrilled by this and add to a long list of other recognised and award winning sausage recipes. Our sausages are made in the traditional way using fresh local bread and milk instead of food industry rusks and water.

This makes for a moist and rich sausage. Our unique seasoning recipes are freshly mixed for each batch of sausages to ensure that only the freshest sausages are produced.

Owton’s currently hold the title for ‘Iconic British Sausage’ and we have entered into this years competition. Come in, visit us at any of our farm shops at Chalcroft Farm, Kimbridge and Garsons to obtain your Corporal Jones award winning sausages.